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We don not all live in a fairy tale where our romantic relationships are perfect and exciting 100% of the time. In the real world, a common issue for a lot of people is having issues re-igniting the spark with their partner. Here are some simple things you can try:

  • Talk about it
    You and your partner probably know each other better than anyone else, you should feel comfortable talking to them about anything. The first step could be expressing your feelings once the conversation is opened up, you and your partner can discuss your wants and needs going forward.
  • Listen to others
    It might feel like you are the only person going through these issues, but I can guarantee there are so many others out there either going through the same things or already gotten through it! Check online forums, talk to your trusted friends and family and see how their advice can help. But remember everyone's situation is different, what worked well for one couple might not be right for you, remember that you and your partner are in control. Don't do something just because your best friend told you it is a good idea.
  • Focus on memories and experiences
    Remember why you are together; you have had wonderful experiences with your partner reliving some memories or arranging ways to do those things again can help with relighting that spark. Getting back to the start of the relationship can help you get those feelings of butterflies again! This could be going for a date to a place of significance to your relationship (where you met, first date, something you used to do together).
  • Get intimate
    Getting intimate doesn't just mean having sex, you can grow your levels of intimacy without it. You can do this by making an effort to get close to your partner, taking the time to really get to know them and how they are feeling at the moment. Sit down together and talk about things you wouldn't share with anyone else, have you got any secrets, ambitions or dreams you've been keeping to yourself. Opening up to your partner will make them more comfortable to open up to you in turn - which then grows your intimacy and trust.
  • Take care of yourself
    It is impossible to provide love and affection to others when you are struggling without giving this to yourself. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and your emotions. There are so many ways to do this and with totally depend on you. What works for one person won't be right for another.

Here are some ideas to help focus on yourself:

  1. Get back into a hobby/start a new one.
  2. Work on your goals - maybe you are chasing a promotion or work or want to do something major like run a marathon for the first time.
  3. Give back to others - charity and volunteer work is not only great for you but also for the people you are helping.
  4. Take time for self-care - having a bubble bath, going for a walk or just watching some good films whatever you need to feel at peace and relaxed.

How does SlowDown help?
Following the guidance of the SlowDown, the program helps promote growth as a couple both in the bedroom and outside! Being the best partner isn't just about how long you last in bed, don't forget about the important things like communication, honesty, trust and respect - which are all signs of a healthy relationship. SlowDown has plenty of information and resources for building a healthy and exciting relationship.

By Chloe Lloyd 2022-03-12


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