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One in every three male in the United States today wish to last longer in bed, some call it premature ejaculation and others rapid ejaculation.

The reality is that when a male or their partner is not happy with the time they perform in bed it can become a problem and affect all parties in the relationship.

This article explains different exercises one can do to learn about their bodies and mind and finally control their urge to ejaculate.

  • Breathing exercises: one should learn to control their breathing, by doing so you will be able to control your anxiety, lower your arousal level and finally extend your time in bed.
  • Kegel and Reverse kegel exercises: having a strong pelvic muscle will allow you to contract it and relax it your erections stronger and more controlled.
  • Relaxation and visualisation: remember that the ejaculation happens in your brain and controlling your thoughts and state of mind will make you aware and in control.

Slow Down presents a full training plan to those to desire to learn to last longer in bed and enjoy their sexually in full.

By Slow Down Team 2021-11-08


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