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Having a low sex drive is something we all have experience at some point of our lifes and can be changed, this are the dynamics of sexualdesire:

In general sexual desire requires the estimulation of biologic and psychology aspects, it is well know that sexual desire works differently in man than women, and can manifest very differently in each of this groups.

In the case of men, arousal typically precedes desire. But for women, desire is often first, therefore in order to promote female arousal one must first connect emotionally and recreate an atmosphere free of distraction.

Smell plays an often subtle role in attraction; research shows that women are attracted to mates whose natural body odor, or pheromones, signals a genetic profile distinct from their own.

Having low sexual desire is common but it can often be resolved by engaging in activities outside of the bedroom, grow others aspects of the relationship, share common interests or activities; this will naturally increase the level of multiple hormones that will then drive your libido and sex drive back up.

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