Impact of PORN

Impact of PORN

Watching porn or erotic content reduces your time in bed!

Erotic magazines and movies has been around for a really long time but nowadays we are constantly exposed to an immense amount of sexualized content SO MUCH that we are consuming it unconsciously. If you are on a quest of learning how to last longer in bed and want to know how is this situation affecting you.

Let's start by stating that we have been exposed and bombarded of erotic content from the media channels from as far back as marketing goes, but what I really want to focus on here are the new channels like social media.

We are now exposed to AT MOST 15 to 20 seconds of booty shaking, half naked sexy dancers and even small sex clips in multiple social media outlets, which in a sense is OK for all of those who want to expose themselves this way, the problem here is for all of those who consume this content.

Don't get me wrong I am in favor of masturbating but masturbating the right way since it can definitely help you improve your sex life.

First of all Let's find out why masturbating feels so good that even some people refer to it as addictive...

According to a recent study made by the journal of neuroscience; the human brain activity increases significantly during sex; what really happens in the process is that the levels dopamine and serotonin increases during erection and later in the process an explosion of this hormones are released while ejaculating. These two chemicals are well known as the pleasure hormones and usually associated and present during drug consumptions, In other words ejaculating can be as addictive as consuming high profile chemical substances.

BUT HOW is all this relevant for your performance in bed? Well if you are masturbating too frequently with the SOLO goal of ejaculating as fast as possible; you are training your body to react quickly to any stimulus and doing this so often creates a habit, this habit then is quickly adopted and due to the high levels of pleasure and chemicals in your brain this becomes quite strong.

Knowing these facts is key to accomplish your main goal and THERE is ONE thing you can do to keep on self pleasure while training to last longer in bed. This is called EDGING.

EDGING consists in stimulating yourself to the point you feel like you are about to cum (one step before the point of no return) but without actually letting yourself finish (or fall into the point of no return), then stopping, relaxing, breathing and repeat all over again.

This technique is usually known as edging and practice thought the start stop method and even though it sounds trivial it requires you to have a very well understanding of your body, how it feels and how you can lower your arousal level.

In the Slow Down app you will find multiple exercises including breathing and guided relaxations that will allow you to know and control your body better therefore helping you last longer in bed.