Frequently Asked Questions

About the App

Yes, Slow Down is primarily intended to help men learn about their bodies and to control their ejaculation reflex and finish when they decide so.

Yes Slow Down can be used to learn more about your body, by engaging in this program you will learn about your pelvic floor muscles, breathing techniques and the different sensations happening during intercourse or masturbation.

Yes Slow Down have been created by a Clinical Psychologist (Dr. Noraida Matos) with more than 25 years of experience helping males last longer and couples regain control of their sexual life.

It depends on the severity and cause of your condition but in most cases You will start experiencing results incrementally starting from the end of week four of training, it is extremely important to be consistent to experience better results faster. More prominent results will be experienced after the second month of training.

You don't have to but it is highly recommended to engage and communicate with your partner while doing it, this is due to the fact that we need and want to train the body with new behaviours and engaging in old patterns will not help you.

Yes, this app will make you train your pelvic floor muscles therefore able to stop the stream of semen.

Yes, there is a series of breathing, meditation, guided relaxation and other exercises that will help you lower your anxiety.

No, this program is 100% natural, no pill or medicaments need it.