Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation Addiction

We use the term 'masturbation addiction' when someone is unable to suppress their urge to masturbate. This term has been classed as controversial as there is not enough research on this area, so some experts will also use the term 'compulsive masturbation'. Just because a person engages in masturbation does not mean they have an addiction, everyone will have differing levels of 'normal'. It is very common even though it is not talked about openly, 95% of males and 71% of females in the UK have tried it at least once (Zimmer & Imhoff, 2020).

What are the signs?

It takes up much of your time (late for work, canceling plans, leaving events early) Your personal life is suffering Interferes with intimacy and relationships Masturbating in uncomfortable places when you can't wait to get home Doing it when you do not feel aroused and masturbating when you feel negative emotions as a comfort mechanism Becomes part of their daily routine Feelings of guilt after Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not doing it. More information here

Why is it addicting?

There is a complex process that occurs in the brain, while a person is masturbating dopamine is released which gives the feeling of pleasure and endorphins which have been found to increase pleasure, reduce stress and improve mood. These feelings can cause a person to depend on them to escape the troubles of life potentially leading to addiction.

Possible causes

One study found a common number of triggers among its participants, they reported stress, personal problems, fear of failure, anger, loneliness and rejection (Wordecha et al, 2018). Everyone is different however, it could also be caused by depression, anxiety or compulsive sexual behaviour.

How does this relate to PE?

There have been links made between excessive masturbation leading to greater issues with premature ejaculation and worsening the problem. This could be due to the fact that people develop these daily habits which promote premature ejaculation with regular and quick masturbation sessions. There are various first hand accounts online of people who have attributed their premature ejaculation to their chronic masturbation, stating their continuous and daily sessions have caused them to ejaculate prematurely, leaving them unsatisfied. These accounts are often posted online with the intention of receiving some form of guidance or advice as they feel too embarrassed to speak to their GP. You have come to the right place if you are also looking for support - SlowDown has got you covered!

Firstly, there is nothing to feel embarrassed about, let's open up the conversation! Secondly, stick with your SlowDown program, each task and piece of advice has been expertly crafted to support your progress. The training program will help you control your body and mind as you level up in each stage. Eventually earning yourself the title of MASTER LOVER.

How to Slow it down

If you are concerned about how much to masturbate there are a few things you can do to reduce how often you do it.

Figure out if you have recurring triggers and this will help you to plan to avoid them remove the stigma, if you aim to reduce this behaviour solely due to the guilt you feel afterwards please remember do not be ashamed as this is a natural behaviour.

Maintain your relationships, spend some time with friends and family and prioritise intimacy with a partner. More tips found here